Video Endoscopy System

Video Endoscopy System


Endoscopic scanning systems designed for endoscopic imaging. Some systems include a processor attached to a dedicated ultrasonic endoscope, while other systems attach the processor either to an ultrasonic probe that can be passed through the working channel of standard endoscopes (e.g., gastroscopes, colonoscopes) or to rigid probes (e.g., rectal probes). The ultrasonic system probes include ultrasonic transducers up to 20 MHz frequency to obtain high-resolution images that can be monitored, recorded, post-processed, and/or used for further studies. Endoscopic ultrasonic scanning systems are used to obtain additional information to endoscopic imaging, especially in colon, rectal, and upper gastrointestinal tract studies; they are also used in some special ultrasonic procedures (e.g., ultrasonic-guided needle biopsy).




CV-100 - Olympus

Second Source Parts

Second Source Service


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