Urodynamic Measurement System

Urodynamic Measurement System


Urodynamic Measurement System or Uroflowmeter Systems are designed to measure and evaluate the storage and transportation of urine in the urinary tract These systems consist of a set of units that are combined to perform all the measurement functions as well as display and recording devices. The systems include uroflowmeters and uroflow transducers for external measuring of the urinary flow, volume voided, peak flow, and voiding time; manometers to determine the urethral pressure profile; cystometers either liquid or gaseous to measure bladder capacity and response; and recorders with appropriate sensors to assess sphincter and other muscle activity. Many systems also include video urodynamics capabilities to allow radiographic and urodynamic studies to be performed with synchronous display and recording of urodynamic studies and cystourethrography imaging. Urodynamic measuring systems are used in diagnosing neurogenic bladder diseases, stress incontinence, urinary path obstructions, and spastic sphincters.


Laborie Medical Technologies


Life-tech - Urolab Opus

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