Exercisers designed to allow users to walk and/or jog on a moving belt while remaining in one place. These exercisers typically consist of an endless, shock-absorbing, continuous tread (either a platform or rubber strips over rollers); motors, a front-rail-mounted console including a controller to regulate speed and/or elevation; and a display. Most treadmills have front-mounted rails; some devices also include siderails to allow users to steady themselves. The display usually shows treadmill (e.g., speed, elevation) and training (e.g., energy consumption) parameters; some treadmills can also detect and display physiologic parameters (e.g., pulse, breathing rate). Treadmills are used in healthcare facilities, gyms, and at home for exercising, training, and/or rehabilitation; dedicated treadmills intended for cardiac or cardiopulmonary stress exercise and specially designed for use immersed in water are also available.




Proform 350

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Second Source Service


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