Tissue Processor

Automatic Tissue Processor


Devices that automate the fixation, dehydration, clearing and infiltration of tissue specimens to help preserve the integrity of their cellular components for light or electron microscopy. In moving basket processors, reagents and paraffin are held in baths-usually glass, ceramic, or plastic beakers that are located either in sequence below the advancing specimen or in a circular array beneath a carriage supported by a central master shaft. Tissues are placed in individual perforated cassettes, each of which is placed a larger perforated tissue basket, which is then attached to the motor driven and timer controlled carriage. The carriage moves the basket to each reagent, which enters the basket. Stationary chamber processors alternately fill and drain the chamber holding specimens with fixative, dehydrating agents, clearing agents, and embedding luids as required. Small pumps add and withdraw fluid to and from the chamber; some units use a vacuum to fill the chamber and pressure to drain the chamber and fluid lines.


Microtomes India


Tissue Tek VIP 2000

Second Source Parts

Second Source Service


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