Thermometer, Electronic
Welch allyn suretemp oral thermometer

12 Months / 15 Minutes
12 Months / 30 Minutes
12 Months / 30 Minutes
0 Months /0 Minutes
0 Months / 0 Minutes



This medical device that changes its resistance with changes in temperature. It is used to diagnose and measure a patient's high or low temperature (i.e. fevers). Thermometers that include an electronic device and attached sensors that detect and transduce changes in temperature into variations of some electric characteristic (e.g., resistance, voltage). These variations of the electric characteristics are processed in electronic circuits and, in turn, displayed as temperature readings.


Fisher Scientific
Welch Allyn


TAT-2000C - Exergen
SureTemp Plus 690 - Welch Allyn
ThermoScan PRO 4000 - B. Braun/Welch Allyn
2080 (TEMP·PLUS™ II) - Alaris Medical

Second Source Parts

Alpha Source

Second Source Service



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