Syringe Pump, Infusion
Syringe Pump

6 Months / 15 Minutes
6 Months / 30 Minutes
12 Months / 60 Minutes
24 Months / 30 Minutes
0 Months / 120 Minutes

Tubing, Syringe


Infusion syringe pumps designed for intravenous administration of solutions at very low and precisely controlled flows by expelling fluid from a syringe. These pumps usually consist of a motor that drives a screw or gear mechanism that advances either the plunger or barrel of the syringe at a predetermined rate, they also include electronic controls and alarms; in most pumps the syringe containing the infusate must be manually replaced once it has emptied to continue the infusion. Because of their lower flow settings and flow resolution to 0.1mL/hr, they are especially appropriate for neonatal, infant, and critical care applications in which small volumes of concentrated drugs are to be delivered over an extended period. Some of these pumps may be calibrated in units specific for delivery of oxytocin, insulin, or other drugs.


Cole Plamer


Medfusion 3500
Baxter O.R.

Second Source Parts

Second Source Service


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