Spectrometer, Atomic Absorbtion

Spectrometer, Atomic Absorbtion


Spectrophotometers in which the analytical determination of elements is based on the absorption of radiation by free atoms. The atom cloud necessary for atomic absorption measurements is produced by supplying sufficient thermal energy to the sample (typically using an air-acetylene flame or an electrically heated graphite furnace) to dissociate its chemical components into free atoms. These instruments include a light source (usually hollow cathode lamps), an atom source, a monochromator, a photomultiplier to measure the absorbed light, appropriate electronics to process the detector signal and a means to display the results. Atomic absorption spectrophotometers may be used on body fluids and tissues to determine electrolytes, essential trace elements, and metals used in therapy and to monitor for exposure to industrial and environmental pollutants.


Analytical Instruments


UV - Vis 230

Second Source Parts

Second Source Service


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