The company’s founding goes back to the young master fitter A.C.C. Joachims. He acquired the relevant knowledge from monk Quintenz of Strasbourg, who invented the decimal balance in 1821. Back in Hamburg, A.C.C. Joachims founded a scales factory in 1840, was the first in Germany to produce decimal balances, and sold them all over the world. After his death, the young engine fitter Frederik Vogel acquired the company in 1888. Soon after, seca became famous for its innovative developments, repeatedly setting market-driving standards over the decades. seca is still a family business today.

Quality and precision

The secret of the seca scales' success lies, right from the start, in the durable high quality and precision of the products. As early as the first half of the 20th century, practically every doctor knew and used the mechanical scales with the red stroke. Incidentally, the name "seca" has been protected since 1897 and originates from the Latin "secare" = to cut. A edge plays an important role in the measuring accuracy of a mechanical scale.

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