A Safety Tester. A DNI 5000C.


An electrical-safety testers are testing devices used in performing safety tests and performance verification on medical equipment. Mostly, these multifaceted devices performs primary electrical safety tests, including mains voltage, protective earth resistance, insulation resistance, device current, earth, chassis, and patient leakages, lead-to-lead leakage, generates simulated performance waves used in defibrillator testing as well as several additional tests. Lastly, technicians can store, print data, or possibly transfer it to an automated computerized maintenance management system for archival.


  • ESA620 - Fluke
  • 5000C - DNI Nevada
  • SA-2000 - BC Group (Handheld)
  • DALE601 - BC Biomedical (Handheld)
  • LKG 610 - Netech (Handheld)



[Flukes Part 2: Electrical testing safety

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