Mobile X-ray Unit
Radiographic Unit, Mobile

3 Months / 15 Minutes
6 Months / 480 Minutes
6 Months / 180 Minutes
12 Months /120 Minutes
0 Months / 60 Minutes



Mobile radiographic units are used for radiographic imaging of patients who cannot be moved to the radiology department and who are in areas — such as intensive and critical care units or operating and emergency rooms — that lack standard, fixed radiographic equipment. Mobile units, which are manually or motor driven to the patient, are designed for use only when patient transport is contraindicated; the radiology department offers a more controlled, optimal setting for radiographic imaging. During a radiographic procedure, an x-ray beam is passed through the body. A portion of the x-rays are absorbed or scattered by the internal structure and the remaining x-ray pattern is transmitted to a detector so that an image may be recorded for later evaluation. The recording of the pattern may occur on film or through electronic means.[1]


GE Medical


AMX 4+ - GE Medical Systems
VMX PLUS - GE Medical Systems

Second Source Parts

Second Source Service


  1. FDA. Medical Imaging: Radiology. Last Updated: 06/28/2013.

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