Radiographic Unit, Chest Stand
Radiographic Unit, Chest

6 Months / 15 Minutes
6 Months / 480 Minutes
6 Months / 180 Minutes
12 Months /120 Minutes
0 Months / 60 Minutes

Cassettes, Collimator Bulbs


A Radiographic Unit, Chest is a device stand used for radiographic imaging of the thorax (chest), the most frequently performed medical radiographic imaging procedures. The images produced are used for diagnosing lung disorders such as acute infections and chronic malignancies; for indicating whether additional diagnostic tests, such as computed tomography, are needed; and for imaging inhaled objects. The recording of the pattern may occur on film or through electronic means.[1]


GE Medical


GE Medical 2338145

Second Source Parts

Second Source Service


  1. FDA. Medical Imaging: Radiology. Last Updated: 06/28/2013.

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