These people of importance to the Biomedical Engineering Field are revered because they have helped keep our career field moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things. We honor and thank YOU!

People List


  1. Al Jakniunas
  2. Arne van Art, AWO
  3. Axley E. Lambert, 2nd CBET
  4. Binseng Wang
  5. Burt Dodson, Jr.,, Authored 1st AAMI BMET certification exam.
  6. Cesar Augusto Caceres, Coined "Father of Clinical Engineering"
  7. Christopher D. Riha, 1st to obtain all consecutive categories: CBET, CRES, CLES, CCE
  8. Craig J. Muehling, CBET
  9. Forest M. Bird
  10. Frank Painter
  11. Fred Dorau, CBET
  12. Gailord J. Gordon
  13. Glen Scales, PhD
  14. Herman Dean Hubbard, 1st CBET
  15. James Martin, CBET
  16. Jim Kipp
  17. Joel J. Nobel
  18. Joseph D. Bronzino, Ph.D., PE
  19. Joseph F. Dyro, PhD, CCE
  20. Karen Waninger, CBET
  21. Keith Rowe, 1st Medical Equipment Repair Specialist instructor, Gunter AFB, Alabama
  22. Larry Fennigkoh, PhD, PE
  23. Larry Mills
  24. Leslie R. Atles
  25. Lilly Kosir, BSEE
  26. Manny Roman
  27. Michael Fraai
  28. Mike Kauffman
  29. Mike Miller
  30. Myron D. Hartman
  31. Ode Keil
  32. Patrick K. Lynch
  33. Ralph Nader
  34. Robert "Bob" Morris, PE, CCE
  35. Saul Aronow
  36. Thomas Hargest, 1st CCE
  37. Yadin David, Ed.D., PE., CCE


  1. Hans A. von der Mosel,  Co-chairmen Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation


Air Force
  1. CMSgt Melton “Red” Newman – 1984 to December 1991
  2. CMSgt Allen Christian – January 1992 to 1999
  3. CMSgt Gerald Benson – 1999 to August 2003
  4. CMSgt Rick Koleszar – August 2003 to June 2008
  5. CMSgt Dennis Boney – June 2008 to January 2011
  6. CMSgt Dave Duenas – January 2011 to 2015
  7. CMSgt Alfonso Evans - January 2015 to Present


Air Force BMET history

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