Ncba w

North Central Biomedical Association - Wisconsin (NCBA-W)


"We are the North Central Biomedical Association Wisconsin (NCBA-W), providing a forum for medical professionals in the biomedical engineering and technician levels, who are involved with biomedical equipment management. We strive to promote cooperation, education, formal/informal exchange of ideas and technical information related to the health care industry. Thus, helping to assure quality patient care and cost effectiveness for the health care provider."[1]


In September 2009, NCBA-W held its annual seminar and vendor show at the Park Plaza Hotel in Bloomington, MN. [2]


NCBA (North Central), Grand Rapids, MN


  • North Central Biomedical Association
  • P.O. Box 93
  • Elk River, MN 55330


  2. NCBA-W., "Seminar And Vendor Show Booklet". 2009


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