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An insufflator or fluid pumps delivers carbon dioxide into the peritoneal cavity provide an "optical space" which permits examination of the abdominal contents. Electronically controlled insfflators makes it possible to provide just sufficient distention of the abdomen to provide good viewing without unduly provide forward pressure on the diaphragm. Digital pressure and flow indicators are favored by most surgeons over analog dials. Carbon dioxide is used the gas to distend the abdomen as it is very soluble in blood and easily exhaled through the lungs. The presence of carbon dioxide distends the abdomen increasing the difficulty of spontaneous breathing; thus increasing the need for mechanical ventilation and close monitoring of the patient as compared to traditional surgeries. Development of the first hysteroscopy insufflator for the distention of the uterus by company founder CEO Peter P. Wiest and Prof. Dr. Lindemann from Hambur. [1]



  • 2260-001

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  1. History WORLD OF MEDICINE, Berlin, GE, 2008


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