Every company has a reason for what they do. Our desire is to provide the best products and accessories for you. We are constantly searching for new products and innovative services to help improve productivity. At FOBI, we’re your one source.... for everything bio-med.

For over 12 years FOBI has been your one source supplier for all things Biomedical. Through our extensive research we have been able to provide an ever increasing product line of the highest quality biomedical accessories found in the industry.


· Patient Cable & SpO2 Repair

· TOCO/Ultrasound Transducer Repair

· Telemetry Module Repair

· Flexible & Rigid Scopes

· Oxygen Blenders

· Infusion Pumps

· Suction Regulators

· Fiber-Optic Cable Repair

· Patient EKG Cables & Leads

· Medical Lamps

· Batteries including X-Ray Kits

· SpO2 Sensors and Cables

· Non OEM Parts

· Oxygen Sensors

· Fiber-Optic Cables

· Power Cords & UPS

Med Gas Hoses & Fittings


Todd Schmechel, Sales Coordinator,, ofc 281-516-7505


  • Power Cord
  • Oxygen Analyzer
  • Fiberoptic Cable
  • O2 Flowmeter
  • Xenon Lamp
  • Suction Regulator
  • GE ECG Cable
  • X-Ray Battery Set
  • Masimo SpO2
  • Alaris LVP Door
  • LVP Door Latch
  • Oxygen Cell
  • Sechrist Blender Service
  • TOCO Transducer

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