At EndoscopyMD we're proud of our growing reputation as the foremost independent endoscopic service organization in the nation. Our manufacturer-trained technicians and state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair facilities enable us to provide a scope of services unparalleled by other companies.

With three service centers EndoscopyMD offers a wide range of services, from rigid and flexible scopes, and power and video equipment, to laparoscopic instruments, biomedical instruments, among other equipment. Because of EndoscopyMD's highly skilled staff, extensive resources and innovative, industry-leading facilities, even extensively damaged items labeled "non-repairable" can often be repaired by EndoscopyMD, thereby minimizing the expense associated with premature replacement. To further maximize customer's investment, EndoscopyMD staff members work closely with their customers-from surgical services and sterile processing personnel to biomedical engineering and GI lab staff-to educate them on the proper care and handling of instruments through in-services, preventive maintenance and ongoing technical support.


Durane Byrd


2342 Baltimore Pike

Oxford, PA 19363


Direct Line:980-428-9106



EndoscopyMD Website


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