Dialyzer Reprocessor

Dialyzer Reprocessor


A Dialyzer Reprocessor is an instrument used to reuse or reprocess fluids from the renal glands (kidneys). The reprocessing procedure involves cleaning, testing, filling your dialyzer with germicide, inspecting, labeling,storing, and rinsing your dialyzer before it is used for your next treatment. The dialyzer reuse can lower or get rid of the chance of you having a “first-use” reaction. A “first-use” reaction can happen when your blood touches certain new dialyzer fibers, which your immune system knows are strange to your body. When your dialyzer is reused, your immune system knows that your blood has touched the fibers before and so they are no longer strange to your body.


Minntech Corporation (Minntech Renal Systems)



Second Source Parts

Second Source Service


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