Impulse 4000

A Defibrillator Tester. A Fluke Biomedical Impulse 4000


Defibrillator testers are testing devices used in performing output measurement tests and performance verification on defibrillator equipment. Mostly, these multifaceted devices performs primary measurement of energy, peak voltage, peak current, pulse width, and charge time tests. Also, the device performs cardioversion analysis, Output Energy Measurement (in Joules), On-demand Pacemaker Testing, and generates simulated performance waves used in defibrillator testing as well as several additional tests. Lastly, technicians can store, print data, or possibly transfer it to an automated computerized maintainence management system for archival.


  • Netech - DELTA 1500 (Handheld)
  • Netech - DELTA 2200 (BiPhasic)


a Do-It-Yourself that defibrillator tester that tests the output of a defibrillator to ensure that it can deliver a sufficient shock to restart a heart. This circuit was designed by undergraduate students at Vanderbilt University. [1]


  1. University of Waterloo. DIY Deffib Tester Kit.


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