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About has been on the web in one form or another since 1996, and moved to the domain in 1998. Alex Allain has run for over ten years, and wrote many of the site's tutorials, articles and quizzes. By day, Alex is a software engineer and technical lead at a small software company located in Waltham, MA. Previously, Alex was a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University, where he helped teach both of Harvard's first two introductory computer science courses, CS 50, which focuses on C, and CS 51, which at the time focused on Scheme and C++. Alex was twice recognized as one of the top Teaching Fellows in Harvard's Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Okay, that was kind of boring. What I really dig are programming, teaching programming, hard problems of all sorts, and collaborative problem solving (i.e. figuring out solutions to hard problems that require multiple smart people to work together). I like to figure out how other people think, and how to best work together with other people. I really like whiteboards.

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