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B. Braun or B. Braun McGaw supplies the global healthcare market with products for anesthesia, intensive medicine, cardiology, extra corporeal blood treatment and surgery, as well as services for hospitals, general practitioners and the homecare sector. Through dialogue with those who are using B. Braun´s products on a daily basis, the company is continually gaining new knowledge which it incorporates into product development. In this way, the company contributes with innovative products and services towards optimizing working procedures in hospitals and medical practices all over the world and improving safety – for patients, doctors and nursing staff.

Require technical training to order service parts: Yes
Charges for technical support: NO
Parts Shipping Policy:


B. Braun Melsungen AG
Carl-Braun-Straße 1
34212 Melsungen

Postfach 1120
34209 Melsungen

Tel.: ++49 (0) 56 61 71-0

Fax: ++49 (0) 56 61 71-45 67



Outlook 200, B. Braun

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