"Arizant Healthcare Inc. was formed in 2003. However, the company's first product Bair Hugger® therapy has been used in healthcare facilities for more than 17 years and has become a standard of care for preventing hypothermia in surgical patients.

Dr. Scott Augustine developed Bair Hugger therapy and founded the company that today is Arizant Healthcare Inc. in 1987. Since its founding, the company has relied on a core spirit of entrepreneurial instinct to invent other paradigm-shifting products like: the Ranger® blood/fluid warming system, which was developed with SmartHeat® technology to react quickly to changes in flow rates; and the Bair Paws® patient adjustable warming system."[1]

Formerly Augustine Medical


Arizant Healthcare Inc.
10393 W. 70th Street
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Customer Service
952-947-1200 (phone)
800-733-7775 (toll free)
952-947-1400 (fax)
800-775-0002 (toll free fax)


Temperature Management

Blood/Fluid Warming System


Arizant Healthcare website



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